Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stationery giveaway

If you read my last post you'll see I recently tried out some goodies from Viking Direct. I also have some of the same goodies for one of my lovely readers.

One of my blog readers will win the items pictured below. 

To enter you need to complete the rafflecopter form below. The mandatory fields MUST be completed for your entry to be valid.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Viking Direct

I have always been super organised. To the point it becomes anal. Ask my husband! I love writing lists, keeping notes, and itinerary's ... don't get me started. How can people go on holiday without a step by step guide of what they'll be doing, at what time, on what day?!

I also have a bit of a thing for stationery. I always have done. When I was younger I collected pretty paper and sparkly pens, refusing to use them, simply storing them to look at. Back in the day when we had 'penpals' I think I could probably have won awards for my penmanship and spectacularly decorated letters. 

So when Viking Direct asked if I'd like to try out some of their products I jumped at the chance, I also thought it may give me the opportunity to organise my blogging more, because for someone so obsessed with organisation by blog related things are diabolical!

After a browse on their website I was quite surprised to see Viking Direct don’t just sell office goods, they stock all sorts! From pens and paper clips to tea, coffee and biscuits! I was also impressed with the fact they stock some quite elegant note books and pens and craft items. I'm a Project Lifer so it's nice to know where I can buy my next craft stash from. 

After much deliberation I chose a purple A5 Foray notebook which is a beautiful colour. It looks really girly and sweet. It's lined inside with a handy document pocket, pen loop and elastic fastener. It's a great size to pop in my handbag/change bag. 
I also chose this black A4 Foray notebook  which I intend to use to organise my blogging. It has an luxurious leather-look cover with a bookmark, document pockets and pen loop. I think this looks really posh and expensive and it's a pleasure to have laid out in my blogging area/dining room table. It's a great size to keep track of when posts are due, and there's plenty of space on each page to scribble little notes and ideas. 
I also chose this pretty red Sheaffer pen. I'm rather picky when it comes to pens and will only use certain ones. Luckily this is great, it writes smoothly and is comfortable to hold. It also comes in a stylish presentation case making it deal as a present. 
I'm really impressed by both the quality and variety of the Viking Direct products and will consider them next time I'm trying to satisfy my obsession!

*I was sent the items free of charge. Review and opinions are my own*

Monday, 21 July 2014

Baby Led weaning vs Traditional weaning

It feels like everything is happening altogether at the moment. I feel so busy and the little man is learning new things every day.

Not only has he started to teethe (nothing has popped through just yet) he's also started to eat! We have officially started to wean. It's such fun, but terrifying that he's even ready for it. It's doesn't seem two seconds since it was 6th February and he'd just been born. 

He's been eating for the last week and all is going well ... so far. 

Guidelines now state that solids shouldn't be introduced into a babies diet until 6 months. A great deal of research has been carried out which has suggested that a baby doesn't have a fully developed digestive system until they are 6 months old. It's a very debatable topic though, everyone who is a parent has an opinion on it. The older generation (including my Mother in Law!) will tell you that babies should be introduced to food from 3 or 4 months ( in my case, while trying to tell you should be letting him taste ice cream!). It's interesting to hear other peoples opinions but you, yourself will know when YOUR baby is ready to move on to solids.

Once you've decided on the time, you need to decide on the method. Will you use the traditional puree spoon feeding method or will you try baby led weaning? 

For those of you who don't know Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, it means letting your baby feed themselves from the very start of weaning. Baby Led weaning means no purees, no mass production of frozen 'meals, no blending and no 'here comes the aeroplane while trying to manoeuvre a loaded spoon into a little mouth. It's said to encourage babies not to be fussy and eat lumpy food without issue whilst discovering tastes and textures at their own rate. I'm not so sure. I was spoon feed when I was a baby and I'm not fussy, neither is hubby so I'm not sure how valid that argument is. 

Whilst the more traditional use of purees is a slower process. Baby starts with puree before moving on to lumpier purees before introducing finger foods at about 7-8 months. 

There's obviously also the option of using both methods combined which probably describes what we're doing. 

Whilst I like the idea of it, I don't think exclusive baby led weaning is for us. During the first few days of solids I tried the little man with an extremely well cooked and soft carrot finger which he immediately picked up from his high chair tray and rammed in his mouth, seconds later he started to choke to the point he couldn't breathe and was terrified and screaming. Whilst I'm aware it might not happen again, I'm not happy to take the risk, so we've opted for starting off on purees with some additional large pieces added, including toast. 

I intend to gradually introduce lumps and chunks and offer him large pieces of cooked food to touch and become familiar with but not necessarily worry too much about him eating them until he's around the 7 month mark. Despite the carrot incident we have tried green beans and toast which were actually fantastic. They went really sloppy and flaccid so I was much less worried about him choking and he was keen to play with them/try and put them in his ears. 

Traditional Weaning

Traditional weaning allows you to control how much your baby is eating and what they are eating. 


  • You are able to measure out the amounts of food you'd like your baby to eat and are aware of the amounts they've eaten
  • You control the types of food and the combinations so you know whether they are eating enough of the right food 
  • It's not too messy, other than the mess around your babies mouth, making it a little easier when you're in a social setting

  • You need to plan ahead and be organised, ideally creating food for the week in one freezable batch.
  • Your baby doesn't really have a choice of what it eats
  • It may get used to smooth soft food and struggle to move on to anything with a different texture

Baby Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is when your child controls how much he eats, how hey eat it and what they eat.  

  • Baby eats at his own rate
  • Baby gets to make choices about the food he eats
  • More textures and consistencies are eaten
  • You don't need to prepare separate meals for your baby, they eat what you're having
  • The mess
  • The choking issue

I honestly don't think I could cope with the mess either. I know that makes me sound like a bad mother but I would be mortified if we were eating out and little man threw his food all over the place. Baby feeding is messy at the best of times but food up the walls, all over the floor and all over him doesn't seem very fun to me. 

My reasons for NOT choosing to exclusively baby led wean -

  • I want to know what he's eaten and how much of it he's eaten
  • Personally I think vegetable and fruit purees are a better way of getting a varied selection of nutrients and vitamins into his diet
  • It's less messy and easier in a public setting 
  • He's less likely to choke or gag

As with anything related to babies and children there are various differing opinions, some stronger than others! 

I asked some other bloggers for their opinions about both methods -

Mix of both for eldest - started off with puree because I thought that was how it was done. When he was 7m I came across blw which made much more sense to me, tried it & he went from being a fussy eater to a good one straight away. Did blw straight away with youngest and will do same with baby when he or she is weaning age. No faffing with blending and mushing, proper taste and texture straight away and much easier to sort out meals if you're not at home!

My daughter had always been independent and stubborn (no idea where she gets it from!), I chose to go with baby/toddler led with weaning, toilet training etc and for that I do not have a fussy eater and no regression due to being forced.

I did a mixture of both, simply out of trial and error to see what worked best. My bub loved purees initially then came to a stage where he refused anything from a spoon, so I took the blw route most of the way.

We chose baby led weaning for a few reasons. Indiana wasn't interested in food until 6 months so we were able to wait. We also wanted her to be Independent and less fussy and it's working as she eats everything! Blw is also just amazing to watch, as she just eats normal food, which is also easier to do. So many reasons lol x

My daughter had reflux, wouldn't eat purees, ended up letting her feed herself food, at 8 months before BLW became trendy, then with my son, did the same, both did really well.

 I had no idea what route to take and decided on a combination of purée and BLW, I kept flitting between the two due to my fears of choking. I ended up BLW organically as N didn't take to purées yet shoved a carrot baton in his mouth straight away and wouldn't have it any other way.

We went baby led after seeing a friend use the method very successfully. I love the fact that Max can choose what he wants to eat and when - we do that so why shouldn't he? Out of my 3 kids, he is the best eater by far and will try anything.

We did a combination. Started both with purees, but soon moved to lots of finger foods, both loved finger foods and tried everything put in front of them and it was so much fun watching them explore and enjoy their food. I found that they were more fussy when trying purees.

Joss has always been fiercely independent, baby led weaning interested me as I liked the idea of giving her the space and control to explore food for herself; I started to enjoy trying to make and blog about family meals that were really easy for her to pick up but that we could all eat and it transformed the way my husband and I eat for the better too with less salt and sugar and better portion control

Mixture for both my girls. Youngest loved to hold food and suck it. She teethed at 4 months so I think she used food to help her teething. Had 6 teeth at 6months. Eldest was lazy and fussy so preferred puree food.

We just started off with baby rice with banana mashed up in it because she was only 4 months! (Bottle just wasn't enough for her!) so we just spoon feed her as she's still little. However when she's 6 months I think we will do a bit of both as I want her to explore foods and get all messy!

I spoon feed. Oscar won't put anything in his mouth so there would be absolutely no point in trying to let him do it himself. I sometimes leave cucumber and carrot sticks or baby biscuits where he can pick them up while I'm preparing his food just incase he decides he wants to feed himself but he usually just picks them up and holds them in his hands for the duration of the meal or gives them an occasional lick!!

As you can see opinions are varied. I was actually quite surprised to read how many people used the baby led weaning method.

What are you opinions on weaning?

What method did you use? Did it work?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Iced coffee cocktail

So, it's Saturday night. Hubby and I are in the house with the little man watching the rain outside (we know how to party) and I thought I'd try out my cocktail making skills. I've seen so many posts recently for iced coffees/iced lattes/frappes and although I'm sure they're gorgeous, but in my eyes there's nothing quite like a cocktail.

I absolutely adore Espresso Martini's and on a rare evening out with the girls it'd always be my first choice. I love coffee and anything coffee flavoured.

What you'll need for a cocktail like mine -

  • Alcohol (the choice is yours) I went for white rum. I think this would taste amazing with Malibu too.
  • coffee
  • milk
  • vanilla ice cream
  • squirty cream

Firstly make some black coffee (I used our coffee machine to make some strong black coffee) then put it in ice cube moulds to freeze in the freezer.

Once they're fully frozen put the frozen coffee into your glasses and cover with alcohol.

In a jug mix the vanilla ice cream with the milk. I used a hand blender but you could leave it chunky if you liked.

Pour the milk and ice cream milk over the coffee and alcohol.

Top with squirty cream and sprinkle with either ground coffee or instant - whatever is close to hand. 

Absolutely delicious

The worst part - I've run out of squirty cream. Sad times.

Causey Arch, Stanley, County Durham

We've been making the most of the sunny weather recently and trying to cram in as many days out as possible before it either snows or floods!

This week one of the places we've visited was Causey Arch, near Stanley in County Durham We live about a ten minute car ride away from Causey Arch. 
Causey Arch is the oldest surviving single-arch railway bridge in the world and literally just down the road from our house. It was built between 1725-26 to link the Tanfield collieries to the main waggonway on the River Tyne to transport coal. 
The arch spans over 100 feet and Causey burn meanders beneath it.

The Tanfield Railway runs through the Causey Arch area. It's the oldest railway in the world and you can still ride on it. It's not on every day so you do need to check the timetables if you're wanting to travel on the train while you're there. 
There are two routes to get to the arch itself, one which is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs while the other is probably slightly quicker but has quite a lot of steps. 
The surroundings are green and pretty with birds and wildlife nearby. It's extremely pretty when the sun is shining and it's great for some photographs. 
There's a replica of an 18th coal waggon just prior to walking over the top of the arch itself with some plaques giving historic details about the area and the coal mining era. 
The's a nice walk over the arch and up into the woods, it's a circular but not fully accessible with a pushchair, though you can get a good way before having to turning back.

You can get right down to the burn under the arch if you're able to manage the steps. It'll be the perfect location for us to visit with the little man and a fishing net when he's a little older. 
There's a good sized car park which is free all year round with plenty of picnic benches and grassed areas to sit. 

Just off the car park there's a little cafe which sells homemade cakes and goodies. I can't comment on whether it's nice or not as we only had no cash, only cards and they don't accept them. We didn't miss out though, after we left, we drove a little way along the road on the hunt for cake and visited Birkheads Secret Gardens and nursery where there's a lovely little cafe tucked away.

Overall Causey Arch is a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny day. There's plenty of grassed areas for children to run around (though keep a close eye as there's only a small tunnel between the car park and a very busy main road), some nice walks and plenty of places to picnic. 

Best of all it can be a completely free day out. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

I've told you before how much I love Fisher Price toys for the little man. I love the bright designs and unique ideas they come up with. A welcome addition to our home is the Fisher-Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat. A sturdy, interactive seat to help your baby sit up safely and comfortably. 

Unboxing and setting up the seat was really easy (no help from hubby required) no screws and batteries were required so it was a simple case of pushing each part it the correct bit until a click could be heard and putting the seat pad into place and you're ready to go. 

The seat pad is fully removable and washable should there be any spills or accidents. It's also very quick drying. I haven't washed it yet but we have wiped it down  a couple of times, so unless it's super messy or you have a nappy incident a wipe that's probably sufficient. 

Little Man had a tasty but extremely messy turnip lunch this week while sitting in his floor seat. Not surprisingly it ended up everywhere! Thankfully once he'd finished the mess was easily wiped off the seat with a damp cloth, leaving no stains or marks. 
The seat itself looks like a frog with big googly eyes at the back. It's really cute and bright. It's a perfect baby seat for little people who are starting to take an interest in everything around them as the colours and design is both eye catching and intriguing. 

I really like the design of the seat. It has two linkable toys at the front which are full interchangeable with other Fisher Price toys. Little Man loves to look at himself in the mirror so I often swap one of the toys for the mirror from his Kick and Play piano gym

The seat is padded enough to be comfortable but study enough to help aid your little person to sit up safely. The seat is angled so there's no unnecessary pressure or force on little legs. 

Little Man has been able to sit up by himself (just about)for the last few weeks. He will sit happily playing until he forgets what he's doing and topples side ways. We had been using a mound of cushions around him prior to the seat arriving but the floor seat is much more practical and safe. It can also be transported from room to room without any hassle. 
We use it on a morning when I want to have a shower. I put it just outside the open bathroom door and Little Man will happily chirp away to himself ( and his little friend, the butterfly) in the floor seat while I'm able to have a shower that lasts more than 30 seconds. He loves the textured feel and crinkly noise from the butterfly. Presumably it feels good on his gums too as he loves to chew both it's wings and the ring its attached to the chair with.

The base of the seat is sturdy and doesn't rock or move despite the bounciest, wriggliest baby being sat in it. I feel confident that Little Man is safe and secure and unable to tip the seat over. 

The seat is a nice height for me to sit on the floor next to the Little Man and feed him too, particularly if we are at Nana's house and don't have his high chair. 

One of my favourite things about the floor seat is how it folds up for storage and transportation. We're off on a little trip to Yorkshire in a couple of weeks and this will be a perfect addition to our packing as it takes up very little room but will keep him occupied and safe while we're in a different environment. 

Overall I'm impressed with the seat. As the Little Man is getting older it will help encourage him to sit up and help him strengthen his back and shoulders. 

The only thing I think Fisher Price could add to the seat is a detachable tray which could affix to the front of the seat, making it a perfect transportable high chair for food on the go. It's not always possible to have a high chair when you're out and about of visiting family, but this could easily double as a high chair as well as an interactive baby seat. 

*We were sent the seat to review. Opinions are honest and my own*

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Fully furnished without the hassle

Some of you may know this, but most probably won't. I can now officially use BSC Hons Social Policy and Criminology at the end of my name. I'm pleased to say I completed and passed my degree. Not to boast but I'm actually quite impressed with myself, I did the last two years of it whilst working full time, planning a wedding, getting married, being pregnant, having a baby and looking after a baby. I feel a little like Super Woman!

I feel I missed out on the university experience a little, I worked all the time I studied (no student debts is almost as nice as being able to say I have a degree) so didn't need to move into dorms or anything and as I was a little older I'd have probably been the weird old lady in the corner. My son saw my wild partying days off.

I imagine moving into student accommodation is pretty daunting. Moving into a strange house or room with strange people to start a course you know very little about. Anxiety levels through the roof!

I don't know about you but I love my own 'things', whether it be my own bed or massive pile of jumbled clutter it's mine and it makes me feel safe. Sometimes it's just not feasible to have you own things with you so David Philips have come up with a unique idea to make your student digs a home from home. 

Amongst other things David Philips offers short or medium term furniture rental packages which are suitable for a variety of people including landlords, building developers with show homes and particularly students. After all who wants to live in a room with mismatched, inadequate furniture that may have been left by the previous occupiers?!

An example from the Essential package

The rental packages that they offer range from the budget friendly 'Essential' packages right up to the more exclusive 'Prime' packages which if available can be installed within 72 hours. There is literally a package for everyone .. and their individual budget. 

An example from the Prime package

A furniture rental package seems an ideal solution for those in temporary accommodation, particularly students. It's quite rare for a student to remain in the area in which they attend Uni, so it makes little sense buying enough furniture to kit out at least a room or at most a house. When Uni is over what are you going to do with it? It would cost a fortune transporting it to the other end of the country, which means you left with either giving it away or trying to sell it, which is a massive hassle in itself. 

Not only can you rent furniture from David Philips you can rent accessories which means no more days wasted wandering aimlessly round Ikea or a idly flicking through the Argos catalogue. You can decorate your home with the click of a mouse! 

If you're off to Uni in September I'd seriously suggest sitting down and looking at the options for furniture renting, your parents will be that surprised by how sensible you're being then may even offer to pay!

*Post in collaboration with David Phillips*

Monday, 14 July 2014

Instagram prints from

I'm a massive fan taking photographs particularly of my super cute little man (yes I may be biased but he's so cute I could eat him) but I do feel guilty that I don't print them off very often. 

Since my son was born I decided to make more of a conscious effort to print pictures off, frame them and put them up or give them to others, so I was very grateful when gave me the opportunity to try out their Instagram printing service. 

I love Instagram, it's a fantastic photo sharing app where you can embellish your photos and add different filters and effects to make your pictures look even better. 

It's extremely easy to choose and order your prints on's website. You can log on via your Instagram account and start choosing your prints straight away. I found the process very easy but it was quite difficult to deselect a picture once it had been selected. 

Not only can print your Instagram pictures you can also use them to create leaflets, wedding invitations and much more.

A set of 18 prints costs £8, a set of 27 costs £10 and a set of 36 costs £12. Each print us in a faux-Polaroid style on high quality 350gsm silk glossy photo card. I choose the set of 36 prints. 

I'm really impressed with the quality of the prints. I wasn't too sure what to expect as previously if I've printed Instagram pictures they've come up as quite poor quality due to the size and pixel of the print. However, the ones from are perfect. I love the design as the white space at the bottom is perfect for scribbling the date or a comment on. 

I'm documenting my sons first year with the help of Becky Higgins' Project Life and the Polaroid style prints will look great. 

Overall I'm impressed. The quality is great, delivery is quick and the prices really aren't too excessive. I will order some more, as I'd love to create a large collage of baby prints to display somewhere in the house.

What I liked

The quality - they're very well printed and the quality looks great
Delivery - Delivery was free and the prints arrived quickly without any issue and were well packaged in plain unbranded packaging

What I didn't like

Ordering - The site seemed a little temperamental and I had to change browsers and log in and out a few times before I could get my order to go through
Order number limit - Try as I might I couldn't order more than 36 Instagram prints. I wanted to order all of the prints on my account on one order but I couldn't work out how to do it. I did ask via their Twitter page and they assured me it could be done, but it just wouldn't work for me
Additional charges - There are additional VAT charges added to your order so although my order was advertised at £12, the total was actually £14.40.

*I was given a voucher towards part of my order from, the rest I paid for*

Friday, 11 July 2014

100,000 blog views competition - win a £10 Amazon voucher

To celebrate the fact my little blog has ALMOST had 100,000 (97,998 to be precise) views since I started, I'm holding a little competition for you.

It's not a biggie but there will be some other prizes coming soon, I promise.

If you'd like to win a £10 Amazon voucher please complete the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Here comes the tooty pegs

It's that time. The start of another milestone in the Little Mans little life. He's teething!

Teething can be extremely traumatic for a baby but obviously every baby is different. Some babies (and parents) are lucky enough for the first nashers just to pop through without any issue whereas others might scream for months, drool enough to paddle in it and chew on anything that will fit into their poor little mouths. That's not to mention the bright red cheeks and drool rashes. 

For a little while now Little Man has been excessively dribbling and practically pulling his gums off so we know it won't be too long until a tooth pokes its way through. While we're yet to endure the tears, he does seem to have some discomfort as he pulls at and rubs everything on his gums, if you get too close he'll have either a body part or an item of your clothing rammed in his face in seconds.

After having a look online I realised the options and variety for baby teething products is immense! I didn't have a clue where to start.

We were kindly sent some helpful items to try out while Little Man is trying to push these teeth through. 

Funky Giraffe Bibs sent us three of their XL bandana bibs. I have previously bought Funky Giraffe's standard size bibs and was massively impressed but the XL bibs are on a whole different level! 

I love them. The size is perfect for my very dribbly man. 

Funky Giraffe bibs have a massive range of funky designs which are all well made and fleece lined. The lining protects even the dribbliest babies clothes underneath. The Little Man has reflux so not only are they complete saviours with the dribbles from teething but they're great for saving his clothes from his sicky outbursts. 

The XL bibs are a reasonable £5 each which I don't think is too bad considering the prices of bibs in some other well known high street baby shops. Funky Giraffe regularly have offers on their website too so it's worth watching out and following them on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to hear of any. 

Usually we go through at least 4 normal bibs each day, whereas 1 maybe 2 of the XL Funky Giraffe bibs last all day.  We've had no problems with any wetness soaking through and they look soft and comfortable and don't ride up round his neck at all. Each bib has adjustable press studs on the back which means they'll still be able to be used when Little Man gets older. 

I'm definitely going to buy some more of these larger sized bibs. I wish I'd found them weeks ago. 

GUMIGEM have created a unique idea - jewellery for parents that's also a treat for babies! Their silicone jewellery is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free and is the perfect size for little hands .. and mouths!

I was sent the Button Pendant in Splash to try out. It costs £12.95 on the website and comes with a protective plastic purse for when it's not in use. GUMIGEM also offer free postage on all orders over £40. 

The silicon button comes on a black cord chain with  breakaway clasp, so you don't end up being strangled by little hands! It's quite a long length to allow baby to grab it and chew while it's attached to your neck. 
Little Man was intrigued instantly and seemed pretty impressed. It was in his mouth in an instant. He will happily chew it while cuddled up on the sofa with me. As the button is soft and malleable he seemed to enjoy it more than he does some of his harder teething toys. I think the fact it is also mouth sized helps keep his interest. 

I do quite like the GUMIGEM idea and I think the texture of the pendant is great but I don't think I'd wear the necklace out of the house, and I do think Little Man prefers to chew his toys in his own space, he doesn't necessarily want to be cuddled up to me all day, so I think it'd be a nice idea if there was a way to attach the pendant to something he could play with alone too. 

I've noticed that GUMIGEM also sell bangles which can be used alone by babies so I think that may be a better option for us. 

The GUMIGEM necklaces would make a lovely alternative idea for a baby gift or for a baby shower. 

We were also sent some Dentinox Teething Gel to try. I wasn't even aware they produced a teething  gel until we were sent it to try out. We've used their Infant Colic drops  previously when Little Man was tiny and suffered from really bad trapped wind and found it worked well. 

Dentinox Teething Gel is suitable from birth and helps numbs pain during teething. It's reassuring to see that it's also sugar free. 

Prior to trying the teething gel we'd previously used another brand which the Little Man really didn't like. I have no idea whether it worked with numbing the pain in his gums because all he did was spit it out. He seems quite happy with the taste of Dentinox, it doesn't have a sweeter taste as the other brand. 

While I try not to use teething gels too much, prefering to take a more natural approach .. for now, it is nice to have a back up option should the Little Man suffer from any more pain. 
We've tried a few different ideas to help with our teething journey, I've listed a few of the ones we've tried below -

A flannel chilled in the fridge - Little Man sucks and chews for ages. The cold crisp flannel soothes his sore gums and keeps him cool at the same time.

A chunk of icy cold apple - Obviously this is a full supervised one but Little Man loves this. We cut a large chunk off and apple that's been in the fridge and he knaws at it until it's a soggy mess. 

Amber - I know some people love this but we bought an anklet and I have to say it had no effect whatsoever. The cynic in me thinks people 'want to believe' in amber. 

Sophie Le Giraffe - Another one that people rave about but it still just resembles an expensive dog toy to me. Little Man will take it or leave it. He prefers the squeak to the chewing though I do know some children go wild for them.

I can't wait to see the Little Mans first little tooth. I just hope it's not too traumatic on it's way through.

What worked for you when your little people were teething?