Thursday, 28 May 2015

The BubaBloon

The little man loves balls. We have a wide range hidden around the house, from footballs in the living room to small spikey sensory balls in the bathroom, they're everywhere! The amount of space they take up is a bit of an annoyance. They're a nightmare for taking on days out and trying to take them out for a walk when you're juggling a pushchair, change bag and excitable child is a recipe for disaster.

Here's where the BubaBloon comes in. A 100% cotton balloon cover that is placed over a standard balloon before it's inflated. It turns the balloon into a type of ball but protects children from the balloon popping and reduces the risk of choking. It's an extremely simple but very effective idea created by Mumpreneus Elena Torres and Lorna Edwards. 
The BubaBloon arrives flat in a drawstring bag. We were sent the Pirate themed ball which is nautical images, suitable for both boys or girls and costs £11.99. It's well made and the cotton is strong and durable. 
It's simple to set up. You literally put the balloon inside and blow it up, ensuring the neck of the balloon is outside the cover, once it's at full capacity, tie a knot in the neck and voila. BubaBloon is ready for action!
The BubaBloon is made in the UK and is fully safety tested, is certified as EN71 compliant and carries the CE mark. 
The BubaBloon has gone down a treat in out house. The little man loves running round manically with it, kicking it round the park and squeezing it until it looks fit to burst. Despite all this the balloon inside is still going strong after almost two weeks.

I think it's a great idea and is completely travel friendly as it folds down and slips easily into your suitcase.

*We were sent the item from review purposes. Opinions are honest and my own*

Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Sunday Photo #21


The Basket Company

Our house is a typical three bedroom semi. We have reasonable sized rooms and plenty of floor space but one thing we do struggle with, is storage space. We only have one small cupboard downstairs which drove me mad before we had the little man. Now he's here, so are the piles of teddies, the corners that don't look too dissimilar to ELC and masses of clothes. No one told me children come with some much 'stuff'!

The little man has two huge storage baskets down stairs filled to the brim with toys, a toy corner in the living room and now his bedroom is starting to look like a toy shop, so I'm always on the look out for practical but pretty storage solutions. We needed something for the little mans bedroom and The Basket Company came to our rescue. I swear toys breed overnight in his room, the pile is steadily increasing and they're creeping out of the corner towards the door. 
I wanted to chose something that would fit in with the deco in the little mans room, something neutral so that it would fit  even when he changes from his nursery to his 'big boy' bedroom. I was looking through the laundry basket section on the website and came cross the tall Natural Round Wicker Laundry Basket in medium. I usually go for square or rectangular baskets, but the round one really caught my eye. The colour matches the pine furniture and wooden floor in his room and it fits nicely with the cream walls with the tree mural. 
The basket arrived well packaged and very quickly. I was really surprised with the size. It was perfect, much bigger than I'd expected. 

The basket itself is very sturdy and well made. It comes with a lid which can be used or removed. I like the fact I can hide the little mans toys away out of sight, but he can remove the lid and take out his toys easily.  It has also has a cream cotton liner inside which is a great addition, it protects things inside and the wicker from any damage and can also be washed if necessary. 
I love how well the basket goes in the little mans room. When he out grows it and his teddy count drops I may even be able to use it for it's intended purpose, a laundry basket! 

I will definitely use The Basket Company for further storage solution purchases and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. 

*I was sent this for review purposes, opinions are honest and my own*

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What's the time Clockodile? from Little Tiger Press

Although the little man is still very young, he loves to 'read'. He will happily sit on our knees and point at the pages in certain books. He loves anything with bright colours and eye catching illustrations. 
A new addition to his book collection is What's the time Clockodile?, a beautiful brightly coloured board book featuring a clock with moveable 'clickety-clackety' clock hands. 
The hands are robust and have withstood the less than delicate hands of the little man. I like the fact the hands are different colours, it makes it easy to differentiate between the big hand and small hand. The narrator is Robbie the Robot who introduces each time related scenario across each page 
The book is from Little Tiger Press UK and costs £8.99 and is aimed at children aged 3 years and older. The little man loves looking at the pictures, pointing at Robbie the Robot playing with the clock hands. It will be perfect in a couple of years time when the little man is learning to tell them time properly.

*We were sent the book to review. Opinions are honest and my own*

The Science Museum Wheels on the Bus breakfast set

I remember when I was young I had a beautiful Peter Rabbit breakfast set to eat from. I used to 'feed' the rabbits around the bowl during each meal and it really sticks in my memory. I'd like the little man to remember things like that when he grows up so hubby and I try to make his childhood as fun and interesting as possible.

Meal times can sometimes be a chore in our house, it depends on the day of the week to whether the little man will eat his dinner, tip the bowl upside down or completely ignore it's existence. I've found that he'll pay more attention and eat more if he has something to play with or something fun to look at. This Wheels on the bus breakfast set from The Science Museum online shop is exactly the type of thing I mean.
The set consists of a melamine bowl, small plate and mug. It comes neatly packaged in a sturdy box which could quite easily be used as a keepsake box.
Each item features the wheels on the bus nursery rhyme with beautiful eye catching illustrations. The set is so cute and would be perfect for a new baby gift or Christening gift.
The set is durable and washes easily. We've had no colour fading or issues with the pictures coming off. I'm really impressed with the quality.
The set costs £18 which I don't think it too bad considering the quality and pretty designs. It's suitable for both boys and girls. EVERY time we use the tablewear set we have to sing the Wheels on the Bus over and over and over, the little man loves it!

The Science Museum shop also has some of the Wheels on the Bus range available in china which is perfect for older kids.

*We were sent the set for review purposes. Opinions are my own*

Monday, 18 May 2015

#SlimFastChallenge week 1

As you know I've been taking part in the #SlimFastChallenge to try and lose weight. Week one is complete and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I've been using the MyFitnessPal app alongside the #SlimFastChallenge to keen an eye on the amount of calories I've been consuming. Every SlimFast product is already stored in the app too which has been really helpful. 
Most days I've been having a shake made with powder for breaskfast followed by a banana, a meal replacement bar for lunch, a sweet snack in the afternoon, a healthy tea and a savoury snack as a supper. The days I've been at work I'd had my healthy meal at lunch time instead of on an evening, opting for a protein rich salad, with lots of greenery and either chicken or salmon. 
The healthy meal has been as close to 600 calories as possible. Some of the meals I've had have included meat and veg with gravy, chicken stir fry and vegetable curry, they've all been filling and substantial enough so that I didn't feel like I was on a diet.
I'm impressed with the flavours and have found everything I've tried very palatable, the chocolate snacks are absolutely delicious and feel like such a naughty treat. I've really enjoyed them mid afternoon at work. 
I'm very pleasantly surprised by the variety of snacks available and by how tasty they are. The powdered shakes to make up are also a firm favorite. The rich chocolate flavour is so tasty when it's made with icy cold milk.

Last week before my diet started I took some measurements as well as my weight. I always hate weigh ins but because I've stuck to the diet completely I was hoping for some positive news.

Waist - -1.5 inches
Hips - - 1 inch
Bust - - 1 inch
Weigh - - 4lb

I'm really pleased with the loss. I think 4lb is pretty impressive. I feel quite positive about week two and my weightloss in general. I've found the #SlimFastChallenge simple to follow and the food is really tasty which makes such a refreshing change from diets I've tried in the past.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bedroom inspiration with Graham & Brown

You may know from some of my previous posts and my blog design that I adore all things floral. The ditsy whimsical look brightens up my day. I love vintage furniture, strolling through the flower markets in London and the mismatched jumble of random prints now often only found in antique shops. 

I suspect I should have really be born in the 50's, even the fashion suits me down to a tee. The feminine cuts and flattering designs are perfect for curvy ladies like me. 

Our bedroom is a relaxing mix of pale blue walls, white wooden floors and upcycled white antique furniture. I painted all of the furniture myself and bought a selection of mismatched photo frames to create a romantic and calming retreat. I love finding old things and bringing them back to life, though I don't have as much time to get creative like I used too, a small child and full time work means I often head to the high street to satisfy my floral obsession. Whilst the items may not be old, they're equally as beautiful.
I was recently asked to be a brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown, a fantastic company offering beautiful home interior products and inspiration. I'm already obsessed with looking through the website for inspiration for our home.
Their Wallpaper of the Year for 2015, Northern Rose wallpaper will be moving into our bedroom very soon. It's bright and bold but still has the vintage charm that I love. It fits perfectly into my shabby chic boudoir and I've been on the hunt for some accessories to compliment it.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The #SlimfastChallenge

Today is the first day of my Slimfast weightloss challenge. I was recently asked if I'd like to try out their 3,2,1 plan and share my feedback. 
There's no getting away from the fact, I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and it makes me feel awful. I struggle with motivation, time and willpower. I'd like to think that things will be easier in June when I finally go onto part time hours. I should have more time for exercise and to make healthier meals. 
  • The diet is easy to follow and consists of -
  • 3 snacks a day - fruit or any of the Slimfast snacks
  • 2 meal replacement bars or milkshakes
  • 1 healthy meal that's approximately 600 calories for women and 800 for men. 
I've been sent enough products to last for a two week trial. This includes shakes, both ready made and powder, sweet and savoury snacks and meal replacement bars. As well as the SlimFast products I need to have a healthy 600 calorie meal each day. 

The Slimfast website contains lots of helpful information and support, with a break down of what you should be eating each day to loose weight.You can also work out your BMI and ideal weight. 

I'm excited to try the #SlimFastChallenge. I've never used SlimFast products before so this will be all new to me. I've taken my start weight and measurements and I'll update you after the trial is over. I'm rejoining a local gym this week too, so hopefully the #SlimFastChallenge will working nicely in conjunction with that. 

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