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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Need help with your next holiday destination?

Hubby and I aren't new to holidays abroad, we've both been all over the place but this year will be our very first holiday abroad with a child. We've gone on UK breaks from the little man being 3 months old but we've yet to decide upon and book our first holiday abroad.

There's so much to consider and so many factors to think about.

If, like us, you're struggling for ideas of where to travel too next, check out this handy little quiz created by Holiday Gems. It's a quick and easy tool aimed at offering inspiration and suggestions for your next holiday. 

It's extremely easy to use, and after answering some straight forward, simple questions you're presented with a trip suggestion.
Holiday Gems
You only need to enter basic choices to be taken through to the next question, and there's only 6 steps to go through before you're taking to your destination suggestion.
Need help with your next holiday destination
Need help with your next holiday destination
After making our choices I was rather impressed with the suggestion it put forward for our trip this year ....
Need help with your next holiday destination
The most likely destination for our holiday in May will be Spain. The flying time is short, the weather will be warm without being too hot for the little man and it's 'English' enough to be able to get anything we might need for him.

How do you pick your next holiday destination?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bobux X Range Xplorer shoes

As the little man is now on his feet most of the time (he's not walking alone, but happily toddles round the furniture and with his walker) we try to have him in shoes for a good part of the day. 

A recent addition to the little mans wardrobe is the Bobux Xplorer shoes. They're a brand new product, not quite on the market for sale yet, though they will be available for purchase from February this year. 

The choice was limited during the review stages but when the shoes are officially on sale they will be available in 9 different colour ways and 3 different styles - Origin, Freestyle and Arctic, costing £27 per pair. 
baby Bobux shoes
I'll admit I hadn't heard of the Bobux brand until they asked if the little man would like to road test their brand new shoes. After a little research I found out that the company hail from New Zealand but have stores all over the world. The sell a wide range of baby, toddler and pre school shoes which claim to provide Barefoot Freedom, allowing tiny feet to grow and develop but offering comfort and support too. 
Bobux Xplorer baby shoes
The shoes we were sent were designed by Sean Maisano who has previously created designs for brands such as Adidas and Prada, so clearly these shoes are perfect for any super stylish little person. 
Bobux baby shoes
The shoes are extremely flexible and soft and perfect for wearing inside the house as cruisers but are sturdy and durable enough to be worn outside as first 'big boy' shoes. 

A huge plus side for us is the bright blue none slip sole. We have wood flooring and tiles right through the downstairs of the house and we have had some slippy incidents while the little man has been dragging himself round the furniture so the fact the Xplorers seem really safe and not at all slippy is perfect. 
Bobux soles
I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get the shoes on the little mans feet. We have huge issues with his other 'well known brand' shoes, because they're so rigid and if he doesn't fancy wearing them we either end up forcing his feet into them which can't be very pleasant or giving up completely. The Xplorers are make a refreshing change - they have an elasticated ankle strap which allows the shoe to be opened up so it can slide onto the tiny foot easily without any dramas. They are secured by a small Velcro strap which is fully adjustable so as the foot grows you can relax the strap as needed. 
baby wearing Xplorer shoes
The Xplorers are the first shoes that the little man hasn't instantly tried to pull off. He really doesn't seem to mind that they're attached to his feet.
baby standing
Since the little man has started wearing the Xplorer shoes he seems much more confident and keen to be on the move. His grip is great and he no longer walks like he's on the moon!
Bobux Xplorer X Range shoes
I absolutely love these shoes. I'm now a total Bobux convert. I've already had a look on their website and picked out some future shoes for the little man, they also have a great sale on at the moment too but be quick - it's only got a couple of days left. 

PR Sample

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Sunday photo 4/52

I have a strange child and an abundance of odd pictures of him.
Strange Baby picture
This morning has been spent chewing one of his rubber bath ducks, obsessing over a empty plastic shower gel bottle and wearing the lens cleaning cloth from my glasses case on his head.
Strange Baby picture
I hope he's this easily pleased when he's a teenager!


The Ordinary Moments #4

The little man is almost a year old now and he seems like such an independent big boy. He doesn't want his Mammy and Daddy fussing over him.

Cuddles are a rare occurrence.
The Ordinary Moments
When I get the opportunity I take full advantage.

Cuddles are nearly always sleepy cuddles.
The Ordinary Moments
I love snuggly little cuddles with my little man.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Capturing those special moments

Since becoming a parent I have thoroughly enjoyed recording and documenting the little mans life in the form of photographs. I've taken photographs almost daily, some which I've printed off and stored in albums or frames and others which I've just stored on our external hard driver. I love being able to look back at the memories and being able to see his changes and growth is amazing. When the little man is older he'll be able to look back at the photographs and see many memories of his childhood. 
Newborn baby boy
I was interested in photography before he was born and Hubby had bought me a great beginners DSLR camera as a wedding present. It's been lugged all over the place, and has taken some pretty good photographs, if I do say so myself.
Northern Lights in Iceland
Of course you don't need a uber expensive camera to take amazing photos, a reasonably priced superzoom camera will do the same trick. 
I attended a short photography course with a local photographer a couple of months ago and he gave us lots of helpful tips and tricks for getting the perfect picture, regardless of the camera used.  He even showed us some photographs taken with an Iphone that looked amazing! 

I adore capturing memories on film. 

How often do you take photographs?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Childrens fashion from House of Fraser

If I'm honest, when I think of affordable fashion for children, House of Fraser doesn't usually spring to mind, I've always considered them a little out of my price range, especially considering the amount of clothes I actually buy for the little man. He's much better dressed than Daddy or I! I've always associated House of Fraser with luxury designer brands and in all honesty I wasn't even aware they sold children's clothes!

I was recently asked if I'd like to choose some clothes for the little man up to the value of £30 from House of Fraser. I was convinced I'd only be able to buy one baby grow for that amount of cash, but in actual fact I got three fabulous items!
Polarn O Pyret white top
The first item I picked was this simple white Polarn O Pyret white top. I absolutely love it. It's the brightest white and makes the little man look so grown up. The quality is great, it's 100% organic cotton and it feels so soft and snuggly. I've washed it a few times now and it looks as new as it did when I took the tags off, it's also a little bit fabulous because you don't need to iron it!
Polarn O Pyret blue fleece jacket
I have a slight obsession with baby coats and jackets so the obvious choice was this cute baby fleece, also from Polarn O Pyret. It feels quite thin but seems really warm and is the perfect fleece for layering. It's both wind and waterproof with the sweetest little thumb holes for chilly days. The little man gets a little flustered in his pushchair when he's wearing a thick coat so this ideal as it allows him to move easily. The green version of this fleece is currently on offer for £14, which I think is a great price.
Baby Pumpkin Patch hat
The final thing I chose was the bright and funky bobble hat from Pumpkin Patch. I'm already a huge fan of Pumpkin Patch clothes, as I think the fit is great for the little man. It was a complete bargain at £2.99 and I think he looks so cute in it.

Overall I'm very impressed with both the prices and the variety of children's clothes on the House of Fraser website. The quality of all three items I picked were fantastic and all have worn and washed perfectly well. In future I'll definitely consider House of Fraser for the little mans clothes, in fact I may have accidentally already taken advantage of the 70% off in their blue cross sale event! Ooops.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Bazaar bag from Bean Bag Bazaar

Our living room isn't the biggest and we struggle for seating sometimes when we have guests over. We've been meaning to buy something extra but never quite got round to it. When bean Bag Bazaar got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their Bazaar I was very excited.

The Bazaar bag is a huge bean bag which is available in 8 colour options, including the lime green colour that I chose to review. The bean bag can be used both indoors and out and is perfect for both children and adults due to it's mammoth size and easy of use. 

The ordering and delivery was really simple and extremely quick. It arrived at my door in a matter of days. It arrived in two separate boxes, one containing the outer bag with some beans inside and a secondary bag containing more beans which are easily placed inside the outer bag to increase the fullness of the bean bag. 
Bazaar bag bean bag
You can see how big the bean bag is in the picture above. It's absolutely massive and measures a rather impressive 180 x 140cm. The bean bag is double stitched for extra strength and double zipped for extra security. The zips on the bean bag are covered too which protects your floors. We have wood floors in the living room and tiled floors in the dining room and kitchen so it's ideal for us. 
The bean bag can be used in four different positions for relaxation, as you can see, the little man is a huge fan of it flat on the floor. He fell asleep like the other day while watching Dinosaur Train on tv!
He's also a massive fan of climbing on it and sliding down. Who'd have thought a bean bag could be so much fun!

The bean bag is big enough for two adults to sit comfortably or one wriggly baby to commando roll across!
The Bazaar bag usually costs £129.99 but it's currently on offer for £64.99 with free delivery available. 

We're huge fans of the Bazaar bag from Bean Bag Bazaar and I can't wait for the sunshine to arrive so we can get it out in the garden. It will be fab for BBQ's and summer playtimes and sun bathing (though that's probably just wishful thinking). 

If you'd like to find out more about Bean Bag Bazaar  on their website. They're a North East based company which I think is fantastic. I'm a huge fan of working with local brands and supporting companies in my area. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Sunday Photo 3/52

Yes it's as big as it looks. Maybe even bigger!

Yes it currently lives in our living room.
I may have accidentally bought this today. It was a complete bargain and looks fantastic. I'm not sure who likes it more, the little man or hubby.

The Ordinary Moments #3

I've made the most of my days off this week, we've been out and about having fun. 

We've recently discovered Go Bananas soft play at Seaburn. As a rule I'm not a huge fan of soft play areas, I find them a bit of a breeding ground for naughty children and lazy parents and to be honest the little man is still  bit too young for most of them. 

Go Banana's is great though, it's full of tiny people and they have loads of loads of things for much younger children, and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. We've been a couple of times now and it's a great find. It's a much calmer environment than any other soft play we've been too and the little man loves it. I think we have to invest in a Little Tikes house as he was obsessed with it, particularly opening and closing the windows. 
I love days like this. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Perfectace Platinum Collagen capsules

Since turning 30 last October I'd tried to make a conscious effort with my skincare routine, remembering to remove my make up properly, cleanse, tone and moisturise every day/most days. Whilst I managing quite nicely with my array of skin care products I have no idea what I should be doing when it comes to help on the inside.

I've never really been one for supplements and vitamins but before Christmas I was asked if I'd like to try out Perfectace, a dietary supplement containing Platinum Collagen.

Revolutionary new Perfectace Platinum Collagen contains a definitive blend of biologically active proteins, including our innovative active ingredient OptiDerm®that are scientifically proven to stimulate new healthy skin growth to replace these deteriorating linkages and revitalise your skin.

Perfectace is a daily dietary supplement which claims to -

  • Rewind time, achieve younger looking, smooth & supple skin with Perfectace’s age-defying product, Platinum Collagen
  • Developed by leading experts using research based science to guarantee results
  • 100% pure, active and concentrated, without binders, fillers and other chemical
  • Trusted and recommended by leading sports professional
  • 100% Vegetarian and endorsed by the Vegetarian Society
  • Free from gluten, wheat, added sugars, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colours or flavourings
I had no idea what to expect at all and if I'm honest I was a little cynical. After all, it's not like you can see inside your body to see what changes are happening. 
The instructions on the container state you can take between 1-3 a day with food. I have have been taking 1 each day on a morning. I find it easiest to remember on a morning. Although the capsules are big they're not difficult to swallow and have no nasty after tastes. 

Each tablet has been developed and created by leading experts and contains 100% pure ingredients. The main ingredient being Peptan, a type of collagen used in skin and beauty products.

I apologise in advance for the pictures below. My eyebrows are a little bit crazy at the moment, especially without make up. You can see the dark circles under my eyes were horrendous - that's what having a poorly baby does to you! My pores were also quite enlarged and open. 
I've been using Perfectace for around 6 weeks now, and I'm coming towards the end of my trial. I can see a difference in my skin, it looks clearer and brighter and clearer. The dark circles under my eyes have dramatically reduced too, though I have been using a new Oz Naturals eye cream too so I suspect that is partly responsible too. I've had no break outs during the trial period and my skin does look brighter. It looks hydrated and much better than it did before. 
Another thing I've noticed since I started taking the supplements is the additional energy I seem to have. I can't think of anything else that might have increased my energy levels especially considering my lack of sleep recently and the fact I've returned to work full time. 

Whilst I can't really confirm the impact Perfectace has had on the inside of my body, I am quite impressed with the change in my skin. I will purchase these again and carry on taking them in the hope that the help make more positive changes to my skin. 

If you like the sound of Perfectace you can try it yourself. They're available from Vitamin Planet where they're on offer for £39.99 for 60 capsules.